Complex for processing hydrocarbon raw materials in Uralsk:

  • Reconstruction, commissioning, arrangement of business processes, marketing planning, employee training

Fuel-Lubes Storage and Fuel-Filling Station at Ust-Talovka Village:

  • Design, disassembly, construction, equipment supply, commissioning

Construction and operation of oil and gas fields in Aktobe and Atyrau Oblasts.

Supply of petroleum products and general cargo to Northern Russia.

Deliveries of hydrocarbon raw materials to foreign countries and arrangement of processing in the tolling mode.

n the name of Alekseevskaya Repair and Operational Base of the Fleet LLC:

  • Reconstruction and operation of the tank farm at the dock-side terminal on the Lena River with a volume of 80,000 m3
  • Operation of the tanker river fleet in the amount of more than 100 units.